Have you deployed CORBA 2.x based solution?

If you have realised projects with ORBs based on CORBA 1.x or CORBA 2.x and facing problems such as:

  •  Have lots of CORBA legacy code in mission critical  apps,
  •  Lack of active CORBA 2.x products support,
  •  CORBA 2.x doesn't support components,
  •  Never got the reuse benefits that were  promised,
  •  EAI tools are expensive alternative,
  •  Need EAI retraining for staff,
  •  Must develop solutions faster,
  •  Management is outsourcing IT,
  •  Mainframe legacy systems needs to be  integrated,
  •  Need alternative to legacy replacement with  ERP/CRM behemoths

The migration strategy to CORBA 3.0 CCM with K2 Component Server will help in improving the overall software quality and ensure longevity. K2 provides an upgrade path from CORBA 2.x middleware and will help to retain existing investments in CORBA.

CCM Components vs. EJB

CCM provides several advanced component features over EJB such as:

CCM supports multi-language unlike J2EE which    supports only Java
CCM provides more sophisticated choices of    component types (service, session, process & entity)    whereas EJB which support only session and entity    beans
CCM components have multiple interfaces so that    each interface could represent a particular viewpoint    for interaction.
Each CCM component supports both synchronous    and asynchronous communication which could be    used as an efficient means to communicate and    componentisation of enterprise architecture
CCM also have concept called ports, which are useful    for assembly purposes. This makes out of box    integration possible i.e. no coding is required.
Moreover, CCM supports distributed deployment of    components in multiple component servers (CCM    servers) unlike J2EE where EJBs are deployed in    single host server i.e. the application server.
Interestingly, CCM provides 4 step component    development process i.e. design, develop, assemble    and deploy which provides flexibility over 3-steps    (design, develop and deploy) component    development process defined by EJB.

Key features of K2 Component Server v1.5

Support for Basic and Extended Components (CCM)
Service, Session, Entity and Process Containers
Container integrated with Trader and Notification Service
Managed Object Agents
Logger Services
Container Managed Persistence(CMP)
Component Assembly
Component Deployment
Component Management
EJB-CCM interworking
Fault Tolerance and fail-over features
Load Balancing
Server Clustering

K2 Tools Available (evaluation version)

K2 ORB support
K2 implementation is independent of ORB, it can be used with any freeware/commercial ORB.

K2 OS support
Linux (Red Hat)
Windows NT / 2000

Download: Download now and avail 30 days free support.

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