Unique Features of CES
Optimized Knowledge Sharing
Query Management System

Component Education Serverô (CES) provides an innovative e-Learning Platform that will help to implement e-Learning Solutions based on Optimized Knowledge Sharing across the enterprise. It consists of Learning Management System (LMS), Collaboration Server and Content Server. CES solutions offer better quality of service (QoS) for carrying rich and interactive data through DVD, cable TV, intranet, extranet, and Internet media.

CES architecture has been developed with todayís organizationís requirements in mind.


It consists of 3 elements:

The Learning Management System which deploys and controls some key functions supporting the mainstream learning; the Content Server , which delivers the dynamic and rich environment of learning using audio, video, multimedia for the optimum conceptual intake. And finally the unique Collaboration Server which creates and nurtures an environment of intensely active learning scenario that is typical of any real life classroom.

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