Unique Features of CES
Optimized Knowledge Sharing
Query Management System
  Optimized Knowledge Sharing


iCMG has pioneered the Optimized Knowledge Sharing (OKS) as a unique disciplined, integrated approach to the creation, retention, accessing, sharing and leveraging of an enterprise’s information and knowledge assets for business gain.

Process + Communities + Uniform Access & Distribution

CES implements OKS in a way that Knowledge is:
"Discoverable” through the navigation/analytic/discovery layers
Delivered when it is needed
Presented in a usable form uniformly across the enterprise

CES enables Continuous Improvement Process (Knowledge Capture) based on iCMG’s time tested implementation approach and methods for training program. CES also Provides Subject Matter Expertise to the participant and a very interactive delivery engagements and set of learning activities. CES enables the project team to develop, maintain and contribute to project implementation experiences.

Individual to Enterprise ( Part 1)



Knowledge Base encompasses multiple systems with Content, a.k.a. Knowledge Elements, in multiple forms, e.g. Data Files, Reports, Pre-defined Queries/Filters, Documents, etc.

Individual to Enterprise ( Part 2)
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