Download K2 Component Server v1.5 along with K2 Assembly Tool and avail 30 days FREE support.

Overview: K2 Component Server v1.5 (C++)

K2 Component Server is a server-side infrastructure for development, assembly, deployment and management of CCM components. K2 can be configured to run across a cluster of computers thus providing higher performance and a higher degree of reliability.

K2 Tools Available (Evaluation Version)
Development Tools  (IDL3, CIDL, PSDL, IDL2EJB*, IDL2WSDL* compilers)
Deployment Tool  (Install & Update Manager, Cluster Manager, QoS Manager)
Management Tool  (Management Console, Server Manager, Managed Objects    Browser, Event & Notification Manager, Performance Manager, Log Manager)
Note: * not available in the evaluation version
OS support
Linux (Red Hat)
Windows NT / 2000









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