Unique Features of CCM
Interworking with EJB
  CCM server

A CCM server is a process that provides arbitrary number of containers during runtime. A container is created as a result of deployment of component. A container manager determines appropriate set of POA policies, a container API type and set of CORBA® service binding to be used by the container, and then acts as factory to create container.

  General Model for container and servers
  Figure shows a general model for container and server configuration. A server instantiates one or more containers to host several software components. Client interacts with component by sending requests to component via software bus i.e. ORB. The container intercepts each request from client to ensure that transaction, security and persistence are properly applied before actual operation is performed on the component. If a component is connected to another component, container provides synchronous and asynchronous connectors to access remotely hosted components.
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