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  Component Implementation Framework

The Component Implementation Framework (CIF) is set of classes and tools that help in implementation of components. The idea of component is binary unit is clear in CCM, which is known as executor that defines name of artifacts that can be generated by CIF. CCM includes a declarative language (CIDL) for describing implementations of component, as well as their abstract states using Persistence State Description Language (PSDL). CIDL is superset of PSDL. The most important keyword in CIDL is "composition" that specifies how the implementation of component can be split into different executors and how the state elements are associated with each other. A composition comprises the following elements:

Component home as specified in IDL home definition identifies the component type managed by the home as the composition's component type
Abstract storage binding (optional) identifies abstract storage type that will incarnate the component.
Component Executor may specify a number of executor segments, which are physical partitioning of component that encapsulates independent state and may be activated independently.
Delegation specification (optional) allows mapping of operations defined on home to operations on either component or abstract storage home. This feature is optional for basic component.
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