Unique Features of CCM
Interworking with EJB

OMG CCM specification defines four models for a Component

1. Abstract model, defines the extensions to the IDL and the Object model
2. Programming Model, defines the CIF
3. Deployment Model, defines the Packaging and Deployment of Components
4. Execution Model defines the environment in which a component executes i.e. the Container and API's used for interaction between the Component and the Container.

The CIF (Component Implementation Framework) defines the programming model for constructing component implementations. The CIDL (Component Implementation Definition Language) forms the focal point of the CIF (Component Implementation Framework). CIDL is a declarative language for describing the structure and state of component implementations. A CIDL declaration defines behavioral elements, viz. Executors, which indicates the programming artifact (e.g. a Class definition) that supplies the behavior of the Component or Component Home. All the CIDL definitions are enclosed inside a Composition. A Composition is a CIDL meta-type, which corresponds to the implementation declaration. A CIDL Compiler generates implementation skeletons from CIDL definitions.

A Composition declaration consists of:
The name of the Composition
The Life-Cycle category of the Component i.e. service, session, entity, process
The home type being implemented
Name of the Home Executor to be generated
Name of the Component Executor Skeleton to be generated

A Component Home defined within the CIDL definitions provides:
Methods for Component instance creation
Component instance searching
Key definition for searching or persistence
Other user-defined operations
Name of the Component Executor Skeleton to be generated

The K2 CIDL Compiler recognizes and parses a CIDL definition file and generates:
C++ Skeletons for Home Executor
C++ Skeletons for Component Executors
An XML Descriptor called Component Descriptors, which define the Component capabilities, such as Transaction Policy, threading policy

The figure depicts files used and generated by the K2 CIDL Compiler.
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