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Architecture Jobs are created by organizations that decide to explore new growth opportunities. Unfortunately, both organizations and the architects are facing costs overhead in their attempts to locate each other. The mere presence of costly search is NOT sufficient, matching continues to be difficult. There are jobless architects who search for work and there are organizations which are frantically looking out for architects. This problem has further aggravated because of the prevailing economic situations, continuous changes in business priorities, technology obsolescence.

iCMG is happy to extend the "Architect Hiring & Staffing Solutions" to its partners & customers. This will empower the organizations in strategically acquiring skills and cost-effectively managing scarce global resources. This will enable you to access the same stringent evaluation process that iCMG Consulting Group uses to meet its internal architecture hiring needs. Of course you can bank on iCMG’s association with global network of practicing architects.

Conclusive info
Complete information for the Architects (their projects, skills etc.)
Cost savings
Avoid cost over runs associated with delayed hiring
On time
Hiring and on boarding in 15 to 60 days
Matching efficiency
Select from prequalified 5 profiles instead of going through 50
Effective co-ordination
Avoid co-ordination failures related to interview, meetings & calls
Use combination of direct hiring + contract hiring + consulting services