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Software Architect Bootcamp

Number 1 bestseller at OOPSLA 2000 Conference

Software technology is critically important to the world's businesses and human society. However, software engineering remains a chaotic, immature discipline, unable to systematically deliver successful systems. Most software experts agree that the missing, but necessary capability is software architecture. But, for many software professionals, there are unresolved questions about software architecture, which are much deeper than academic discussions. In particular, how do we apply software architecture on real world projects and across business enterprises?


CORBA Design Patterns

Harness the power of design patterns to build CORBA-based applications. CORBA Design Patterns provides detailed guidance in the construction of distributed applications based on OMG's CORBA. Founded on a philosophy of designing for change, the design patterns provide essential, proven guidance in lowering the risk of developing software in a a distributed environment. The authors introduce you to the essential principles of CORBA and design patterns. They provide a framework for design patterns in software design and show examples of designing OMG IDL interfaces and integrating legacy and internet applications.


Anti Patterns

Patterns are popular in software development and used to identify different types of procedures, designs, or codes that work. AntiPatterns are the exact opposite, targeting common errors and issues that can cause a project to fail. This book provides practical guidelines on detecting AntiPatterns and the refactored solutions that correct them. The authors discuss over 40 AntiPatterns in software development, architecture, and project management

Inside CORBA

Inside CORBA is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to distributed object architecture, software development, and CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) standards. CORBA is a consensus standard from industry that has transformed the way information systems are developed, both for creating distributed object-oriented systems and for migrating legacy systems to modern architecture. This must-read for all managers, architects, and developers of distributed systems begins by addressing the key organizational challenges to the adoption of CORBA and the essential management guidance necessary to ensure its success. Following this introduction, the authors present a user guide to the CORBA standards, complete with examples of their application. The user guide also features in-depth coverage of the Interface Definition Language (IDL), including the latest presentation of the new CORBA IDL Language Mapping for Java, and comprehensive information on the CORBA 2 standard and the CORBA services. In addition, this book provides invaluable technical assistance on the application of CORBA by sharing essential lessons learned from experienced CORBA managers and architects and through the presentation of a case study.


The Essential CORBA

The Common Object Request Broker (CORBA) is a specification developed by the OMG to solve a wide range of systems integration challenges. DISCUS is a CORBA- based framework, designed by the U.S. government to provide interoperability between platforms and softwares. Now, this book, the first to deal specifically with how to apply CORBA specifications to systems development, explains the rationale, principles and engineering strategies behind CORBA and shows how to successfully establish a DISCUS- like framework for developing workable, distributed, object-oriented applications

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