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You know that the work becomes more interesting when it has the ability to affect and change the existing notions & paradigms and biased mind sets. Most people who work here came because they believed by being a part of iCMG, they could change the way people build software. If you've got something to contribute, this is the place and this is the time. You get to work on the issues that could affect the whole IT world, doing what you do best, and working with top-notch people. At iCMG, we don't particularly care if you have two years or 20 years of experience or if you want to bring your doggy to workplace; what matters is what you can do now. Being part of iCMG, you will gain wealth of knowledge. Knowledge that you can take with you wherever you go. Knowledge that will make you want to stay here.


Current openings:
Product Manager - Code 01
Software Architects CORBA Components - Code 02
Software Professionals Component Server - Code 03
Configuration & Test Managers - Code 04
CORBA Consultant Code - Code 05
Technical Editors - Code 06
Web Masters - Code 07
Web Programer - Code 08
Web Designers - Code 09
Developers - Code 10
Business Development Managers - Code 11

Product Manager - Code 01

You are the leader who will guide a team for product development and you are also a marketing streak who works closely with the clients to convert their problems into solutions. Experienced in development of real world, large scale enterprise business applications.

Key Technologies :

Application Server Development, Domain knowledge in E-com and one of the areas: Large Scale Search Engine or Web portals, Video Servers, Product Database and ERP - Integration.

Experience : 8-10 years

Qualification :

BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech in Computer Science / Electronics preferably from IIT, IISc, REC, BITS with a proven academic track record.

We are also looking for software professionals in the following positions. The candidate should be confident, working independently, open minded, creative and slightly out of control and enthusiastic about object orientation. He should be BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech in Computer Science / Electronics preferably from IIT, IISc, REC, BITS with a proven academic track record with 3-5 years experience. The above experience and qualification is applicable for position codes 2 to 5.

Software Architects CORBA Components - Code 02

Experienced Designer of CORBA Components and CORBA Development Tools. Strong command of the CORBA mechanism and internals are required. Must have experience in any one of the following areas Formal specifications languages, compiler design and code generation, Checkpointing and Persistence, SW Architectural tools, MOF + XMI, Patterns & Java/Swing

Experience : 3-5 years.

Qualification :

BE / B.Tech - Computer Science/ Electronics preferably from IIT, IISc, REC, BITS with a proven academic track record.

Software Professionals Component Server - Code 03

Should be proficient and have multiple years of experience in one of the following areas: CORBA and C++, CORBA Security and PKI & SSL, CORBA and Scripting (Python), JMX and SNMP, CORBA PSS, Web and Application Servers, Servlets and XML.

Configuration & Test Managers - Code 04

Experienced in Configuration Management in a mixed Unix/NT development environment, i.e. Source Code Control (cvs), Built Management, BugTracking, Test Management. Familiar with the Unix development tools like make, perl, sed, awk etc.

CORBA Consultant - Code 05

Experienced with distributed computing on an Enterprise level. Multiple years of dealing with CORBA, legacy interaction, Web portals, ERP products, automation & production environments. For all the above posts, candidates should have the sheer gall of taking responsibility, giving commitments and leading and teaching others. Also required is good ability to communicate and express ideas and designs to the rest of the team. Candidates should also be an expert in any one of the following areas :-


Experienced in designing and writing secure software. Key Technologies: PKI security, SSL, CORBA-SSL Integration, CORBA Security Service, Kerbores, DCE Security Service, Knowledge and experience of the CORBA related topics is a big plus but not a must.


Experienced in designing and implementing Transaction processing and CORBA database integrations for RDBMS and ODBMS. Key Technologies : CORBA persistent state service, CORBA object transaction service, O/R mappings, RDBMS, ODBMS


Experienced Framework Designer for CORBA Components. Strong command of the CORBA mechanism and internals are required. Must have experience in formal specifications languages, compiler design and code generation.


Experienced in designing and implementing highly sophisticated Java Swing Components for distribution software management purposes. Must be able to translate complicated technical processes and data structures into easily understandable GUI’s. Key Technologies : Java, JFC, Swing. Knowledge of CORBA and JMX/JMAPI, JDM, JINI, DMTF, SNMP would be a plus.


Experienced in XML for deployment technologies like OSD (Open Software Description) and XML tools and techniques. Needs also a strong command of system knowledge and programming in Unix (Linux) and Win32 environment. Knowing EJB and the CORBA Component Specification is a plus.

Technical Editors - Code 06

We are looking for the persons with power of knowledge and an aptitude for IT related writing.


You will be responsible as OVO co-ordinator in the preparation/editing of Technical Manuals/ course-ware in the area of IT-related developments.


You should be a graduate in Computer Science with at least 3 years of experience in technical writing or a Masters Degree in Computer Science or MCA with minimum of 2 years of experience in Technical writing. A good command in vocabulary in English is essential.

Web Masters - Code 07

We want individuals who desire to unleash their potentials on the Internet and reach extremes of e-commerce.


You need to lead a group of developers and designers must have knowledge of web technologies and have worked on Website, which is Database driven & e-commerce site.


You must have a thorough understanding of HTML, CGI, ASP, Java, database and exposure to software such as Photoshop, Flash, Director, FrontPage. Familiarity with networking and Internet technology is a prerequisite. Experience 4-7 years of which 1-2 years in the Internet industry.

Web Programmers - Code 08

You have Software in your veins.


Software programmer with working experience of JavaScript, CGI (Perl, C++), ASP, Java, HTML, FrontPage and Microsoft Access, Oracle SQL, with at least 1 year experience in E-Commerce site development.

Web Designer - Code 09

You are the one with an impeccable talent in creativity and visualization.


Must be proficient in Graphic Designing using Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, GIF Animator, Director, Flash, HTML, FrontPage. Preferable with a professional training in commercial or conventional design. Minimum of 2 years industry experience, with at least 1 year in Web Design.

Developers - Code 10

You are very strong and confident in your area...

Responsibilities/Profile :

Responsible for performing a range of functions in areas such as
  • Complex applications systems design
  • Applications programming
  • Database design, conversion, implementation, performance measurement and evaluation.

Qualification :

BE/B.Tech/B.Sc Computer Science or equivalent & 4+ years of experience
MCA/M.Sc Computer Science or equivalent & 2+ years of experience


  • Minimum of 4+ years experience in providing technical programming and analysis in support of the design, development and enhancement of computer and related systems in ADABAS/NATURAL.
  • Must be minimum 2 years of experience with ADABAS/NATURAL
  • Must demonstrate strong analytical skills, excellent programming skills, plus ability to solve complex systems and programming problems
  • Knowledge of the principles of systems analysis and design
  • Must be eager to learn and be committed to providing top-quality service.
  Skill sets Mainframe application development using ADABAS/NATURAL.
  Operating System MVS/ESA, MVS/XA, UNIX, Windows NT/98/95
  Database DB2, ADABAS, Oracle 7.3/8.0, MS SQL Server.
  Application Servers Weblogic, iPlanet, Websphere etc.
  Software Languages C, C++, Java, Cobol, JCL, NATURAL, ASSEMBLER, PL/1, ACU-COBOL
  Hardware IBM Mainframes/ IBM ES/9000, HP/9000, Pentium, AT&T/NCR (3430, S10XL), OS/390

Location: Bangalore & USA

No. of Vacancies: 10

Business Development Manager - Code 11

The Business Development Manager will develop and implement an account plan to target, identify, and negotiate opportunities. He will be also responsible to build long-term client relationships

Responsibilities include:

  • Qualifying, communicating, generating and negotiating all scope,
  • Creating and maintaining an accurate sales "pipeline"
  • Developing and qualifying new business leads
  • Developing and executing strategic account plans
  • Managing the full sales cycle on new client accounts
  • Ensuring revenue growth in the accounts
  • Managing client expectations
  • Meeting or exceeding set targets


  • 3-7 years experience selling strategic solutions or products, Internet services or related technology (>USD 0.5 mn annual target) to senior executives.
  • Experience should include front line selling, account management and maintaining long-term relationships with clients.

The Business Development Manager works closely with the Consulting and Product Management teams. This position requires a comprehensive understanding of iCMG's methodologies and solutions. Must be able to communicate information throughout the entire organization effectively.

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