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(Ministry of Defence , India)

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"What we are seeking with CORBA 3.0 and the CCM is an industry standard component architecture where these features are part of our core mobility infrastructure software platform. More important is the ability for us to engineer software using a component architecture in high performance C and C++ environment. The K2 product met all of these requirements and then some",.

James Ewing, Founder and CTO - Mi4e

Aeronautical Development Agency
(Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India)

ADA is looking at designing CAD and FEM components in such a way that it can be reused by different applications and multiple clients can use at the same time without compromising on the performance.

It is interesting to note that K2 Component Server enables wrapping of algorithms and business logic written in FORTRAN, C, C++ as components and ensures reusability in a distributed environment.

Dr R K Ramanathan, Group Director(Computers & CAD) - ADA

ADA Home Page:


CCM is a technical improvement on EJB - hardly surprising as several of the same architects worked on both, and CCM benefited from early experience with EJB. As well as being language-neutral, CCM supports multiple interfaces for each component and offers a more sophisticated choice of component types (Service, Session, Entity and Process).

K2 Component Server itself is not an object request broker (ORB), but a server-side framework similar to a Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application server.

I am very interested in K2 Component Server, especially of course as you appear to be the first commercial concern to offer CCM and CORBA 3. This is very good news for the CORBA community.

Tom Welsh, Practice Head, ComputerWire

For details: iCMG makes CORBA Component Model a Reality.

01 Informatique

Analysis by 01 Informatique, France

Did J2EE too hastily bury CORBA?

Admittedly, the OMG delayed to publish version 3 of CORBA. But, CCM, should arouse a keen interest from its multi-language and multi-platform capability.

In fact, CCM joins together the best of .Net and J2EE. Indeed, first is multi-language, mono-platform and the second mono-language and multi-platform.

There are strong reasons to bet that work of iCMG will make followers.

"Prototyper en EJB et déployer en C++ à l'aide du modèle CCM"
With CCM, nothing prevents from combining Java and C++. A tempting scenario would consist of retaining the EJB for prototyping the Java components during development phase and then, changing them into C or C++ components using CCM for production phase. This will provide a more powerful environment of execution. It would also encourage the use of tools supporting MDA (Model Driven Architecture).

For details


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Stéphane Parpinelli, 01 Informatique

CTS (Cognizant)

K2 Component Server offers to "componentise'' both legacy systems and new ones. Such solution didn't exist earlier. Regardless of the legacy system's characteristics, the CIDL-wrap brings it into conformity with other componentware. So there is no need to abandon legacy systems or indulge in frequent systems integration to be interoperable.

SoftPro Systems

"K2 based solution will help to simplify integration by providing an open, scalable component integration platform. This will enhance the reusability and will enable better revenue opportunity for the enterprises"

Mr. Venkata Rao, CEO, SoftPro Systems.

Times of India

iCMG K2 Component Server is the first commercial CCM platform which enables inter-working of CORBA components with Web Services. K2 helps to quickly build, deploy and manage web-enabled enterprise scale e-commerce applications while leveraging the industrial strength of CORBA.

Business Line

K2 server is useful when building large-scale applications with huge legacy systems that the enterprise is trying to extend and expose them to e-business. K2 based solution reduces cost and increase programmer productivity, time to develop and enables reuse.

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