Architecture Lab is an initiative of iCMG to help the enterprises to adopt and implement architecture-centric enterprise solutions. The services will include joint efforts to develop the architecture, training and certifications and selection of tools and programming models.

The future of IT is bigger. Yes, you need packaged software, you need legacy (and integration) and also custom software "components" for those special requirements that you can't buy and legacy doesn't have.

But, if you take this third step in to custom components, you need two more things to manage it:

1. Excellent Project Management Practices, and
2. Software Architecture.

Architecture supplies the judgement call between

What functions are packaged?
What functions are custom components?
What functions are legacy? and
What requirements to avoid altogether....

Then you need excellent project management to pull the team together, because we're talking multi-cultural integration projects, e.g. ERP configuration plus J2EE/CCM Components plus Integration Brokers.

Enterprise Application Development and Integration solutions based on MDA and CCM (K2 Component Server) will provide greater opportunity for off-the-shelf components and commodity development tools, as well as an eventual reduction in time to market. All these should combine to create better long-term value for the software.

Our team is geared to extend the "hand holding"... that you need, meet your "standards" strategy big-time and provide training that will allow your IT staff and consultants perform like superhackers/superstars.


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