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Model Driven Architecture

Object Management Group™ (OMG) Model Driven Architecture (MDA™) approach provides a set of guidelines for structuring specifications based on platform-independent model. The prime focus of this approach is on the functionality and behavior of the system unlike other architectures that are generally tied to a particular technology.

MDA brings consistency in models of different systems by structuring them into Platform Independent Models (PIMs) and Platform Specific Models (PSMs)

Platform-Independent Model (PIM)
Captures the conceptual design without limiting to a particular technology
Can be expressed using a platform-independent modeling language like UML
Platform-Specific Model (PSM)
Includes details of the target platform
Includes the specification of the mapping between design PIMs and PSMs for a specific technology platform.
OMG's Model Driven Architecture
Features of MDA
Provides consistent separation
Consistent relationship
Shared Standard Mappings
Improved Portability
Shared Standard Patterns
Integrates across computing platform
Enables Model-Driven Integration
Message from Dr. Richard Soley,
OMG Chairman and CEO,
"Companies that adopt the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) gain the ultimate in flexibility: the ability to derive code from a stable model as the underlying infrastructure shifts over time. ROI flows from the reuse of application and domain models across the software lifespan."
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