Mr Marc Sewell (President, WWISA) commenting on this occasion said "the success of WWISA's mission depends on the efforts of our members. We are going to define our profession, give meaning to the title software architect, and transform the software construction industry. This is no small feat, but we believe the intelligence and resourcefulness of our members coupled with our simple, yet profound, message will prevail.

Dr. Thomas Mowbray (Chairman, iCMG) said that iCMG's association with WWISA is a significant step in the establishment of its Architecture Services world-wide.

According to Mr Jha, there is a growing competition among the Indian ISVs and SIs to "own" their customer by expanding their product & services offerings. The need for EAI has surfaced lots and lots of INTEGRATION.

With this as the backdrop, iCMG has come out with a Software Architecture curriculum for which the video session is delivered by Dr Mowbray author of five books on distributed componentware and Software Architecture. This course enables the enterprise in building software architecture competency in their organisation.

iCMG's Education Service Group through its Component Academy offers Certification programs to impart competency for system envisioning, business modelling, technology selection, system specification, and software process facilitation.

This unique program evaluates the software engineer's ability to specify overall software requirements, define system level design decisions and plan complex systems and implementation processes.

All the testing and certifications are administered with strict quality controls. Candidates who have passed the certification program will be issued a certificate having the credential logo that states that the person is a member of WWISA and has successfully passed the iCMG's certification program.

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