Component Development Cycle (Input, Compilers, Intermediate files, Output)

The following figure depicts the complete development and deployment process of CCM based application. It describes the actors and tools involved during different phase of software lifecycle.



CCM Development Process with respect to files, tools and libraries
  1. A designer defines the component type using OMG CORBA 3.0 IDL. K2 IDL2 compiler translates OMG CORBA 3.0 to CORBA 2.0 IDL that can be fed into IDL compiler to generate stubs and skeletons for both client and component developer.

  2. In addition to IDL the designer will define component implementation structure using CIDL to generate most of component implementation. K2 CIDL compiler generates language specific component and home executor skeletons.

  3. Also it will generate default deployment descriptors as needed by packaging tools.A CIDL may include PSDL as a part of container managed persistence. K2 PSDL compiler generates storage home and object implementations.

  4. Component developer implements the functional part of IDL by extending generated executor skeletons and compiles them altogether to create component library which is nothing but a shared object or DLL or class files depending on language of implementation and supported platforms.

  5. A zip packager utility is used to bundle both deployment descriptors, component and dependent libraries together to form a basic unit of CORBA component package.

  6. This package may be deployed directly or combined with other components to form an assembly. Assembly tools are provided to inter-connect or wire component. This process might include additional set of properties for component configuration or factory specific advertisement details. The tools will generate assembly descriptor for final deployment.

  7. Deployment tools is used to deploy the CORBA component and its associated components
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