Software Architecture
<< Basic
Arch Software Notations, Representations and Specification   Architectural Tools
Part One: Notations
- Proprietary Notations (1)
- Introduction to UML(5)
UML Diagram Types(17)
Part Two: Representation and Specification
Overview (3)
Specification (5)
Representation (3)
RM-ODP Architecture Specification Concepts (2)
Components and Composition (6)
Some Behavioral Specification Techniques (8)
Interaction and Interception Framework (5)
Federation (3)

OMG Repository and Modeling Architecture
Unified Modeling Language
Purpose of OCL
Mapping UML to XML
UML Profile for XML
UML Model Transformation
XML Metadata Interchange
Purpose of MOF
Technology Independence of IDL
MOF,UML and XML Integration
Development Process and Intelligence Gathering Techniques Antipatterns for Architecture
Solving Software Problems
Architecture Centered Development Process
Planning Benefits
Intelligence Operations
Intelligence Gathering Techniques
- Architecture Mining Process
- Design Elements
- Architecture Judgement
- The Macro and Micro Process
- Strategies to be used with Architecture Iteration
- Architecture Intelligence
Design Patterns & AntiPatterns
AntiPatterns and its application
Architecture AntiPatterns
- Stovepipe System
- Stovepipe Enterprise
- Vendor Lock-In
- Architecture by Implication
- Reinvent the Wheel
- Design by Committee
AntiPatterns Ground Rules
How to reform Software Process
SunConnect Architecture and MDA Web SOA
Part One: SunConnect Architecture
SunConnect Integration Architecture
SunConnect Framework
- Component Framework
- Security Framework
- Management Framework
- Development Framework
- SunConnect and J2EE
Part Two:Model Driven Architecture
- Salient Features of MDA
e-Business and Enterprise Application
- Impact of e-Business on Enterprise Applications
- Dynamic e-Business
- The Topology
- Principles of dynamic e-Business
Understanding Web SOA
- The birth of Web SOA
- SOA Requirements
- Programmatic access to Web services
- SOA Model
SOA Enabling Integration
- Extrapolation
- Wrapping
Enabling Technologies
- XML and SOAP
Web SOA Dual Infrastructure
- Web SOA Service Provider
- Web SOA Service Consumer
- Best Practice for the Future
Application Integration Scenario QoS in Architecture
Complexity shift to Application Integration
- Today's Application landscape
- Application Integration Spaghetti
- The Integration Problem
- Organized Application Integration
- The Central Integration Team
Integration Architecture
- Aspects in Integration Architecture
- Straight through Processing(STP)
- Zero Latency Management
- Convergence of B2B and Internal A2A
Middleware Technology
- Integration Middleware
- Application Brokers
- Application Servers
Integration Issues
Available Integration Infrastructure
- WebMethods
- K2
Definition of QoS Model
Basic QoS Architecture
QoS Reference Model for RM-ODP
QoS Characterisitcs and parameters
QoS requirement enhancement and applicability
K2 QoS
Behavioral Aspects of an architecture  
Behavioral Aspects of an Architect
Etiquette for Software Architects
Seven habits of highly successful Architects
Heuristics to evaluate the Architect's effort
Architectural Layers
Concurrent Design Process
Communication Approach
- Challenges
- Responsibilities
- Handling feedback

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