We enable our clients to build e-business solutions with well-defined workflow models and distributed transaction frameworks using component modeling approach. This helps our customers to have ready to use and interoperable software components to build their systems and decreases the time to market. We undertake extensive consulting assignments to provide quality knowledge transfer to the clients about component models, integration techniques and business processes.

Architecture Evaluation & Audit
Assessment of Application architecture for QoS (Quality of Service)
Workflow Integration Assessment
Evaluation of Information Models & Process Models
Enterprise Component Architecture & Modeling
Components are Modeled using Specified Component Infrastructures (J2EE/CCM)

Consulting Models
We work closely with the client team to assure rapid and successful implementation of mission-critical functionality. To meet this need, we will propose a "whole solution" wrapping products with a complete range of Professional Services and Technical Support programs that maximize the investment. Our professionals will work with client team to provide hands-on mentoring in architecture and design, product education, rapid prototyping and implementation tuning. We have two consulting models.
  1. SOLUTION Consulting
  2. VAR Consulting
  3. e-Consulting

SOLUTION Consultancy Service
Solution Overview
This service establishes an enterprise solution that collects, aggregates, and manages corporate knowledge resources, for increased corporate ability, productivity, ROI.
Business issues the Solution Addresses
Reduced information glut
  - Relevant information, at the right time, in the right place, in the right format
Enhances employee and organizational capabilities
  - Customized views to fit personal and functional information requirements
  - Generate new insights and innovation through group memory and team collaboration and automated publish and subscribe capabilities
Enable expertise-management
  - Retain corporate knowledge before it walks out the door
  - Capture knowledge to promote re-use and to enable jump-start strategies
Achieve rapid implementation and return on investment (ROI).
Benefits to the Client
Faster Time to Market
Increased Return on Investment
Decreased Implementation and Administration costs
Improved responsiveness and productivity
Increased employee satisfaction
Value Proposition to the Client
Increased operational efficiency
Achieve customer intimacy
Accelerate product and service delivery
Enhanced employee capabilities
Iterative implementation approach drives immediate business results
Minimum cost of entry since most technology may be already in place
Proven third-party, best in class, COMPONENT integration

VAR Consultancy
iCMG can also work with product and services vendors to provide VAR (Value Added Reseller) consulting solutions to their clients.
Solution Overview
Installation and customization of solution based on vendor product, e.g
  - Installation and customization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system based on partners eCRM product.
Business Issues The Solution Addresses
iCMG to provide comprehensive end-to-end solution supporting processes ensuring a closed-loop customer-interaction cycle.
Take advantage of business intelligence and analytical capabilities of iCMG to enable timely, informed decision-making and forecasting
iCMG can provide Unified Customer Interaction channels to ensure seamless, consistent and efficient interaction that enables conversion of complaints and problems into new sales
iCMG to extend cross-functional tasks to accomplished the solution and the desired results
iCMG VAR solution will also help organizations to predict and increase revenue; increase customer satisfaction and retention; increase close rates; and reduce sales cycle time
iCMG VAR solution will help the partners to enhance their customer share vs. market share focus
iCMG VAR solution will also provides service differentiation
We undertake extensive consulting assignments to provide quality knowledge
We enable our clients to build e-commerce solutions with well-defined workflow models and distributed transaction frameworks using component modeling approach.
iCMG can provide customized learning solutions to meet your needs
iCMG's education service group's role is to catalyze knowledge transfer.For example, to assist in upgrading the skills of both corporate developers and outsourcing organizations.
Want to be a Globally Recognized Certified
Software Architect
Software Artchitects can obtain a Certificate from iCMG which is going to add a reputation of Global recognition.

Alliance with
Standard Organizations
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