What is Architecture?
Have you ever been involved in a discussion of the question: "What is architecture?" The term "architecture" is perhaps one of the most abused words in object technology.

2. The Componentware Revolution
Many of us have serious misconceptions about the capabilities of current software approaches. Based upon surveys of corporate software projects in the United States,
3. The 7 Deadly Sins of OO Architecture
Deadly sins are mistakes in software development that result in failed projects, cost overruns, schedule slips, and unfulfilled business needs.
4. Software Architecture as a Discipline
Alternative architecture approaches share concepts and principles, but their terminologies differ greatly. Each architecture school is relatively isolated from the others.

Why Interoperability Clearinghouse?
When man could climb hills he desired to fly like birds. When he could fly like birds he desired to walk on the moon.

6. A Standard For Architecture
Among the various architecture approaches, there is a useful standard that defines what information systems architecture means, the Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP). [ISO 96] We will cover this reference model as one way to think about software architecture.
7. Advance To Components--An Imperative
About 75 percent of the IT profession works in service and support roles, including IT outsourcing. If you're reading this article, chances are more than likely, you are part of the IT services sector too.
8. Advice For Software Architects
If you have a focus for your career, gaining the knowledge you need to advance can be relatively easy. For software professionals, simply doing more to build your expertise is all that is needed in most corporate environments.
9. Innovative Software Architecture
There are many active and successful schools of software architecture thought. Software architecture is a discipline unified by principles, but divided by terminology.
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