The current download (K2 Component Server v1.5) includes:

Run-time Environment
K2 daemon Deployment, Managed Object, Implementation Repository.
K2 CCM Container Supports Service, Entity and Process Containers to deploy both basic and extended components. Inegrated with Trader, Notification Services and Persistence State Services.
K2 CCM Server Provides run time environment for CCM Containers to load and unload component dynamically
K2 Global Trader Federated Trader/Directory Services for advertising/publishing Business Services that can be accessed through HTTP (SOAP) or IIOP

Development Tools
IDL3 Compiler IDL3 compiler that transalates OMG IDL3 construction into OMG IDL 2.4
CIDL Compiler Automatic code generation support for both basic and extended CCM component including facets, receptacle, emits and publishes ports.
PSDL compiler Generates database independent persistance code for storage objects
IDL2EJB Compiler Generates EJB view for EJB client from component IDL

Deployment Tools
K2 Install & Update Manager Install and update package at multiple sites (remote installation). Support dynamic update of packages. View and modify package information.
K2 Cluster Manager Create, update and delete cluster over LAN for scalability and enhanced performance
K2 QoS Manager Dynamic setting of QoS based parameters. Supports python based scripting for on-site customization of application

Management Tools
K2 Management Console Remote console to manage various details of application servers
K2 Server Manager Start or shutdown multiple instances of servers on nodes. Supports loading and unloading of component dynamically
Managed Objects Browser For nodes, devices, components, K2 server modules
Event &Notification Manager Subscribe and unsubscribe to application as well infrastructure generated events to be notified through email/pager messages
Performance Manager Display performance parameters such as CPU usage, Memory usage and Transaction count per node and service wise
Log Manager Distributed logger to log general, warning and error messages. Facility to filter and archive log messages


K2 Assembly Tool
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