Case Studies


Size: Over 1200 strong staff
  Locations: India, Germany

Definition of Problem:
One of the Project Groups at the Bangalore Development Center, was looking for technical help for building some XML based interfaces for their software, they were a small group of very experienced professionals. They were not finding any resource, which could provide all the learning that they required. They were also very hard pressed for time, with a constant resource crunch.

Solution over view:
Preparing the project team for project execution

Solution Description:
The project manager initially contacted one of iCMG's content experts, seeking help on XML, based on the fact that she had liked an article (published at IT Magazine & our portal written by this expert on this subject. On being approached, the project manager decided to go ahead with the training, and this was the first time that anyone was seeking training through a eLearning platform, the advantages that the team saw were as follows:

1. Content and Coverage of the Course being offered was very good
2. This was a self-paced On-the Job training mode, where they could learn and work parallely, without disrupting their project schedules
3. The per head cost was very low, and therefore could be easily fit into the project budget
4. The project would also benefit in terms of annual audits, since they were sourcing training from a technology company and not from a typical training vendor
5. The time duration of the course, ensured that revision was possible even after completing the course once
6. eConsultancy service provided the team a constant technical support, even in project related queries

The team has now completed the training, and now we are in the process of implementing a global license for the software.

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