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Size: Over 2500 strong staff
  Locations: India, US, Europe, Japan

Definition of Problem
Mascot Systems Ltd. has a fast expanding team, spread over diverse locations, was looking for a eLearning Solution which was cost effective and could take care of the training in an integrated manner.

Seeking to capitalize on potential revenue opportunities and shorten its sales cycle, Mascot systems needed a process for quickly educating disparate groups of strategic partners and internal developers and programmers on the company's continuously changing requirements.

Implement a portable training solution that could quickly be deployed to their sales and project teams at a reasonable cost to the company.

1. Mascot believes that a well-trained sales force and developers is critical to the company's success.
2. Training is the third highest priority for Mascot, second is to revenue attainments and employee retention.
3. The company previously relied exclusively on instructor-led training courses to educate 2,500 employees.
4. Transferring knowledge to geographically diverse groups of people in a timely manner can be very costly using solely instructor-based training.

Mascot Systems selected e-learning solution from iCMG to help educate its worldwide employees. iCMG also created customized courseware for Mascot Systems to train their professionals.

Empowering Mascot's Advance Learning Lab with content (related to middleware and component technology) along with Learning Management System for enterprise wide deployment.

They were familiar with eLearning, in fact it was done using an internal resource for the training of professionals deployed overseas. Keeping in mind further needs, Mascot had already set up an advanced Self Learning Center, and was looking for a partner who could provide them the world-class content along with Learning Management System (LMS). So that uniformity of delivery and a high affectivity mapped to the project execution could be ensured.

1. iCMG has carefully done the study on Mascot Systems for the evolving needs for training of their employees of different streams
2. iCMG created customized courseware for Mascot's requirement to train their employees
3. Deployed and managed the customised content through an e-learning platform to help educate Mascots worldwide internal employees and partner groups.

iCMG eLearning Platform (Component Education Server)
iCMG eLearning environment, proved as the most highly acclaimed eLearning experience for Mascot Systems. Its Learning Management System launched and tracked the large (deployment of content at several locations with centralised administration) eLearning deployments with ease.

ELEARNING SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE: Consists of three components

1. LMS- Learning process automation across enterprise
2. Course content, design ,development and deployment
3. Collaboration Tools

1. LMS- Learning process automation across enterprise:

  • Its Learning Management System launched and tracked the very large (deployment of content at several locations with centralised administration) eLearning deployments at Mascot with ease.
  • E-Learning Platform is a complete, fully integrated solution designed to manage every component of e-learning - eliminating the need to "piece together" a solution from multiple e-learning vendors.
  • The open architecture of the LMS accommodates the use of standards-compliant content and allows ICMG's LMS to integrate seamlessly with other enterprise applications.
  • Tracks even the largest e-learning deployments with ease

2. Course content, design ,development and deployment:

  • Customised content according to Mascot requirement
  • Converted Mascot's course content (specific to their domain) and deployed at its different locations
  • Streaming Video (customized for bandwidth availability)
  • Audio, Video, Graphic and Animation
  • Multilevel content indexing
  • Video level indexing
  • Session management controls
  • Playback option
  • Scalable technology (10 - 1000 concurrent users)


  • Get unparalleled visibility into the business results of e-learning
  • Helps enterprises share knowledge through collaborative communities.
  • Distributed framework for uniform access.


Mascot Systems decided to go for iCMG's solution for 2500 of its professionals for the year. It has now begun a subject wise deployment of the courses in India followed with the similar deployments at other location across the globe.

1. Mascot signed an agreement with iCMG in April2001.
2. The company's first rollout phase was to deploy two courses that introduces products and services.


1. CES able to measure students' performance level continuously and ensures that learning is taking place effectively with the help of self assessment, modular and surprise tests, followed by course completion and certification program
2. iCMG hosts and maintains all e-learning courses so that Mascot is able to quickly deploy its worldwide training solutions.
3. iCMG had the expertise nesessary to deploy the eLearning curriculum very fast.

To Training Manager

1. Technical sessions from international experts
2. Takes care of the shortage of instructor in specialized subjects
- Ability to hold a synchronized project specific group training session
- Ideal for multi-location, mass scale induction program or skill up gradation program
3. Comprehensive automated/integrated administration modules for training coordination and planning
4. Reviews & Monitoring in Real Time
5. After the courseware is developed, Mascot Systems can deliver learning anytime and anywhere, eliminating costly logistical expenditures such as facilities and travel expenses

To Business Manager

1. An innovative solution from Global Product Company
2. Customizable to a Project Support Need
3. 24X7 automated (intranet, extranet) learning service
4. On-the-job training
5. Certification Option
6. Enhanced productivity resulting in more time available for actual sales process due to elimination of any time wastage due to the automated learning process.

To Finance Manager

1. The total training cost of Mascot Systems has reduced by almost 50% by using the eLearning platform vis a vis following the Instructor led approach.
2. Overall it helps to increase in productivity by saving the time of employees during training as well as saving in companies travel cost and employees travel time


1. Since deploying iCMG's CES we have reduced Mascot Systems training costs by almost 50% and increased productivity by almost 40
2. By using iCMG's CES we have been able to communicate our business goals effectively and in a fast paced manner .
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