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Software Architect Bootcamp

John Leary

I saw your "Architect Bootcamp" book on a bookseller table at XML-2000 Conference, and naturally bought it. Just finished reading it, and am much impressed.

Yours is the first book I've seen since I began to tout (all I do) software architecture (too many years ago) that covers both the MOTS and the OAK worlds of software development. Over those years I've met and / or worked with many of the contributors to software architecture that you cite, from Bass (whom you reference but don't list in your Bib) and Garlan and Shaw at CMU, to Booch, Brooks and Goldberg in the real world. For my money, none has provided as balanced, readable, comprehensive, and practicable a treatment of software architecture as you have done. Kudos!

John Leary

Manager Applications Technology
Chief Technology Office, EIS
Lockheed Martin
6600 Rockledge Dr, Ste 500
Bethesda MD, 20817



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